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Arctic ice cover second lowest Level

Last month the extent of sea ice covering the Arctic Ocean declined to the second-lowest extent on record. Satellite data from NASA and the NASA-supported National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) at the University of Colorado in Boulder showed that the summertime sea ice cover narrowly avoided a new record low. The September 9, […]

Two glaciers in Nepal to disappear

Analysis of two glaciers in Nepal, for the past 10 years, have revealed that they are shrinking in an alarming rate. According to a research conducted by researchers from Japan’s Nagoya University, the Yala glacier of Langtang Himal and the AX010 glacier of Shorong Himal have shrunk annually by 0. 8 meters and 0.81 meters […]

Few links on ice studies

Scientist to embark on traverse down spine of ice sheet Liz Morris, 65, was about to undertake a demanding, monthlong traverse down the 3,050-meter-high spine of the vast Greenland ice sheet — with a single assistant, John Sweeny, two heavy-duty Ski-Doos and three wooden sleds piled with supplies and scientific gear…. Read more in CTV […]

Ice-Water Phase Diagram

Water can be converted into any one of the 15 known crystalline phases by changing the temperature or pressure. Most of the liquids freeze under pressure (even at a higher temperature), because the pressure causes the molecules come together. But, the water is different because of the strong hydrogen bonds – water freezes at a […]

Crystalline Structure of Ice

Usually, the ice crystals are hexagonal in shape. Snowflakes are perfect example of how ice crystals form. A team of researchers at Liverpool University (University of Liverpool, UK), University of London (University College London, UK) and the Berlin Institute for Fritz Haber (Fritz-Haber Institut, Germany) found a one-dimensional chain of icy nm in length, consisting […]