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POAC 2011 in Montreal concluded, POAC 2013 to be held in Finland

poac-2011In the 21st International Conference on Port and Ocean Engineering under Arctic Conditions (POAC 2011) was successfully held in Montreal, Canada from July 10 to 14, 2011. The conference with the theme "Resource Development and Transportation in Polar Regions," had a record number of participants in POAC history.

The conference included five keynote speakers, more than 140 technical papers (out of 182 accepted abstracts), and a panel on Arctic shipping – Polar Codes.

The conference awarded the POAC Founders Lifetime Achievement Award to J. Schwarz to recognize his work to promote the quality of the International POAC conference over a number of years, and his effort to make significant advances to understand the effects of ice on activities in ice-covered waters. Dr. Schwarz had been one of the POAC Presidents and he was the Symposium Chair of the 12th POAC, 1993, held in Hamburg (Germany).

The next bi-yearly conference of POAC is scheduled to be held in Helsinki (Finland) in the second week of June, 2013. The Symposium Chair for the 22nd POAC conference will be Jukka Thukuri.

This will be the third time POAC conference is going to be held in Helsinki. The 7th (Symposium Chair P. Jumppanen) in 1983 and 15th (Symposium Chair – K. Riska) in 1999 were also held in Finland.

Another bi-yearly conference related to ice, IAHR 21st International Symposium on Ice, held in even years, will be held in Dalian, China from June 11 to 15 in 2012 .

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