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Last of the snow melted in Edmonton

At the time when we are done with the fun of the summer (and, waiting a snowfall anytime soon), Edmonton saw the last of the last year’s snow!


Well, it’s not from some glacier – but a last winter’s snow pile at its west-end storage site, one of the five snow-storage sites in Edmonton, melted ‘officially’ at 4 pm on Saturday, September 10. It’s uncommon but, in some years Edmonton does see September snow falls. Usually, the snowfall season starts in November.

In the beginning of September the west-end pile was told to be 3 meters high. But, high temperature in the first week helped in speeding up the melting process.

Usually Edmonton’s snow pile melts in or around July. Last year it was colder-than-usual so the ice took longer to melt this year. In the snow-storage sites by January, more than 900,000 cubic meters of snow was stockpiled. That was 100,000 cubic meters more than the annual average.

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