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Japan Tsunami caused huge icebergs to break away from Antarctica

The tsunami caused by earthquake in Japan in March 11 have caused the ice shelf in Antarctica to break free and form huge icebergs some 13,000 Kilometers away from Japan. The European Space Agency (ESA) has released satellite imageries showing the formation of huge iceberg and their drifting off from the Sulzberger ice shelf into the Ross Sea.

antarctica_tsunami_iceberg The March 2011 images show the icebergs formed in Antarctica (AFP/ESA)

The largest iceberg measured on the satellite image measured about 9.5 kms in length and 6.5 kms in width. The iceberg can be as deep as 80 meters.

The 23 meter high tsunami generated by an underwater quake of 9.0 magnitude off-shore Japan is estimated to be as high as 30 centimeters high by the time it has travelled 13,000 km on the sea to reach the Antarctica.

The news in NASA video:

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