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Shrinking Greenland ice sheet

Following the trend of melting of the ice in the Arctic, Greenland’s ice sheet and glaciers are shrinking at an alarming rate. Melting of ice in Greenland sends huge icebergs (like the one that blocked the Newfoundland’s Goose Cove harbor) and gushing water in the Atlantic. The melting threatens to raise ocean level causing flooding in the coastal areas.

Thousands of years old ice in Greenland forms 1.7-million-square-kilometer ice sheet covering about 80 percent of the total area of Greenland.

Click here to go to the MSNBC site for the interactive map showing how the ice sheet area is decreasing from 1980s (screenshot below).


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2011 July saw the record low ice cover in the Arctic. Research show that the melting is at a rate of four times the previously predicted rate. Some hope the Arctic will be ice free in the near future, opening opportunity for increased commercial activities in the Arctic. Although some study suggest a temporary pause in melting, it is not expected to help in stopping the decrease in Arctic ice cap.

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