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Arctic to be ice-free soon – melting at 4x faster than predicted?

With the record decrease in ice extent and volume, the threat of global warming on the global climate has turned out to be very real. Many are alarmed and frustrated on the realization that there is nothing much they can do, except of course, to dump the pop can they used during lunch in the recycle bin.

Although some commercially inclined climate scientist are optimistic on Ice-free Arctic, for increased commercial activities in the region, the whole world will have to live with the increased water level, unbearable heat, and various natural disasters.

Some try to soothe themselves by telling that the nature will correct itself in the due course of time, but nature is not swift enough to make a difference in one’s lifetime.


What alarms most is the study at MIT that found the Arctic ice thinning at 4 times faster than previously predicted.

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